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Our Solar Energy Projects

Below are some photos of our solar panel energy installations for home, business and farms.

Roseburg Oregon

solar panels Roseburg Oregon
This splendid view is from a roof-mounted array overlooking the North Umpqua River.

farm solar instalation
Farm solar array in Roseburg Oregon.

commercial solar instalation phoenix school glide oregon
David Longthorne and Melanie MacKinnon worked with Energy Independence Company of Glide to build the solar array at the Phoenix School in Roseburg, Oregon. Next step is to add the inverters and panels.

With the snap and rack railings installed, the next step is to add the inverters and panels.

commercial solar instalation
Putting the finishing touches on the Phoenix School solar electric system.

Winston Oregon

Instaling Solar Energy Panels Winston Oregon
Dave Longthorne is all smiles midway through building this array in Winston, Oregon.

Instaling Sun Power Solar Energy Panels
The finished product and now the energy savings begin...

Myrtle Creek Oregon

Solar Panel installation
Residential ground mounted structure midway through construction.

Finished solar panel aray.
This completed ground-mounted array overlooks one of the thousand valleys of the Umpqua.

Days Creek Oregon

This roof mounted system in Days Creek provides the majority of the electricity for this residence.

Rural solar panel installation
Harvesting the sun happens year-round. Here is a completed ground-mounted system generating electricity in Days Creek, Oregon.

Rural solar panel installation
The owner of the cozy cabin in the woods is enjoying local, renewable energy. Her solar investment will provide all the electricity she needs for the rest of her life!

Riddle Oregon

The midway point of constructing this ground-mounted system in Riddle Oregon.

The finished project, soaking up some sunpower.

solar energy tracker panels installation
Putting together a Solar Tracker array, which follows the sun, with Energy Independence Company of Glide.

solar energy tracker panels
The farm is harvesting the sun with these three solar trackers!

Winchester Oregon

commercial solar energy instalation
The finished solar project, working hard to eliminate UCAN's power bill!

American Fork Utah Commercial Solar Energy Installation

business solar panel installation
Here is the early phase of a 230kW solar project at a Cinemark theater in American Fork, Utah with brother Matt Longthorne, Owner of Solscient.

business solar panel installation

David Longthorne working on the Cinemark theater solar project.

business solar panel installation
The final stages of this large solar commercial installation.

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Here is the finished product: a 230kW Solar Electric System located in American Fork, Utah. Special thanks to Matt Longthorne and Solscient.

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