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Solar Electric Power Frequently Asked Questions

Solar energy is clean, renewable and abundant in the U.S., especially in the lower 48 states. In the shadow of global warming and rising fossil fuel prices, harnessing the power from the heat and light of the sun is once again returning to the forefront of our national conversation. Advances in technology continue to make the possibility of becoming a fossil-fuel free society more realistic. Our biggest remaining challenge is to produce and distribute the captured solar energy on a large enough scale to be available and affordable to everyone.

How does a solar electric system work?
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What equipment will I need?
Newcastle Solar will provide and install all the equipment for your solar electric system. The solar panels will generate electricity from the sunlight, we install quality, Oregon made SolarWorld solar panels. . . .

The inverter will take the DC electricity produced by the solar panels and turn it into AC electricity for your home. We install several quality inverters including Enphase, Fronius, SMA, OutBack. . . Proper racking is needed to support your solar panels, we use SnapNRack. . .

What are the environmental benefits of a solar electric system?
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"This PV system I have is superb. Last year I did not pay a bill of any kind for power use for over a four month stretch."
Bob Allen
Roseburg, Oregon