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Lower your Energy Bills with Sun Power for your Home

Lower energy bills are just one of the many benefits of solar energy for your home. Local, clean energy independence are a few more.

How much will your solar electric system cost?
Well, it will depend on a few factors including the size of the system and the characteristics of your site. Here's an example to give you an idea of what a residential solar electric system costs and the energy and savings it will provide your home.

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4,000 Watt Solar Electric System (small residential example):

Save $500+/- each year with your 4,000W solar system.
Protect yourself from rising utility rates . . .
Save an estimated $20,000+ over the 25+ year system life.

$19,200 Total Installed System Cost ($4.80/Watt)
-$2,800 Energy Trust Incentive, $.70/Watt available to Pacific Power customers
$16,400 Your Investment
-$ 4,920 Federal Tax Credit (30% of $16,400)
-$ 6,000 State Tax Credit
$ 5,480 Your Final Cost


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"Sorry about my late response but I wanted to wait another month to make sure my electric bill was correct. I believe it now. This month my bill is $10.74. That's because I have to pay a monthly "basic charge" of $9.50 and another dollar or so for "distribution safety" and "low income assistance". My solar collection system actually made more power that I used last month, putting 250 kwh in the bank for later months. I can hardly wait to see how this summer's sun will impact my winter electric bills. As far as being happy, everything is as much or more than I bargained for. I would highly recommend this type of setup to my friends and family but they are all in Arizona. Plenty of sunshine there but my brother is stubborn."
Michael Stafford
Days Creek, Oregon